Your skydive will probably be the most exciting 60 seconds of your life. Capturing it on video is a great way to relive the experience, again and again with friends & family.  Skydive Orange, Inc. is proud to offer a fine staff of videographers who are dedicated to quality freefall photography and making your skydive a ride you'll never forget.  Unfortunately the people who don't get video, do regret it.  So don't miss out!


Between the 5 senior video guys at Orange, we have about 20,000 jumps and about 30 years in the sport!






Our Videographers show their creativity and love for what they do by creating for you...


...a 5-7min mixed Music Video on DVD (-R) of your Experience at Skydive Orange.


Consisting of:

    Your Exit from the aircraft,

    Your Freefall,

    Your Tandem Parachute Opening,

    & Your Tandem Landing,


...and usually contains some extra material, like a Ground Interview, Boarding the Plane, Take off, and in-plane Interview.




You are paying for the expertise of our professional external videographer to capture your freefall and landing, while risking their life.


Your Videographer hangs on the outside of the plane, capturing your exit from the airplane, while flying relative with you and your Tandem Instructor during freefall, capturing multiple angles of you freefalling and interacting with you, all to enhance your experience and awareness.





Digital photographs (stills) consist of High Resolution (8-10 Mega Pixels) JPEG pictures given to you on a Data CD.












Freefall Only


Full Version

Video by:



















Freefall Only


Full Version

Video by:












Search "skydive orange tandem" on for many more video.






Who doesn't want pictures for their ONLINE PROFILE, BLOG, or a nice 8x11inch PRINT on the WALL?



















Can we get one video for our whole group?
No, because a freefall camera flyer cannot be in more than one place at the same time - tandems are often a quarter mile apart in freefall, so each person must get their own video.

Can I bring my own camera on my skydive?
No, it would get in the way.  Here is a more detailed answer


Can I bring my own Music?

Yes, if the Videographer/Editor has available time depending on the schedule of the day (even busier on the weekends).


We need 3 songs IN ORDER on a CD or MP3 player

1.  Intro - Medium Upbeat

2.  Freefall - Full on

3.  Ending - Slower


Also, songs need to kick-in within the first 10 seconds, and we only use the first 1 to 2 minutes of a song.


What Format is The DVD?

It is a DVD-R Disc, which will play in any modern DVD player, even the cheap $40 players. If you put the DVD into a computer DVD Drive, like any normal commercial DVD, it will play in your DVD software player, or if you EXPLORE the DVD, in the VIDEO_TS folder, it will show file names with the extension name .VOB


How do I put my video online or email the video to friends?


Method One

The File .VOB can be imported, converted and exported to any video compressed format using video editing software.


Method Two

Connect a Camcorder to the output of your DVD player, and record to the camcorder's digital media;

i.e., Memory Stick (MS) or Compact Flash (CF) Card, or SD Card.

Check your camcorder manual for details.


When will my Video/Pictures be Ready?

Usually 15-45 minutes after you land.  It also depends if the videographer has to do multiple jumps.  On rare occasions, if we are too busy, we might mail it to you in a few days.


Videographers Top Tip!

Wear something colorful if its summertime, your video and pictures will be more vivid against the blue, grey, and white skies.

Don't wear grey!











Price per person. You get what you pay for when you have your skydive videoed or photos taken.

Video quality varies from drop zone to drop zone, but ours is the highest quality.




Both Skydiving DVD Video & Digital JPEG Still Photos



Skydiving DVD Video



Digital JPEG Still Photos



*Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover



Pre-booking is highly recommended to prevent disappointment, especially midweek.



1st AFF Jump or A License Jump "THE WORKS" is a great package like the Tandem product,

 to show your friends & family that you are now a fully-fledged Skydiver.

Same Rates apply as Tandem rates and available any time.


AFF/COACH Training Video - $45**

Get your AFF or Coach videoed for training purposes, with abbreviated editing.

Customer must be a current student in the program to get this price.

This price is subject to availability when we are not otherwise booked-up with full priced customers.

Additional discounted rates on video and photography are available for USPA license holders and teams.

**Price is Cash per person, of course and includes video slot.

Cash discounted prices, prices are a bit more on plastic.



















Any Video/Photography Products are for the individual personal use of the customer, and are NOT to be used for COMMERCIAL use by the individual without contacting/contribution to the artist.

Copyright belongs to the Videographer/Photographer and Skydive Orange, Inc.

All Images on this page have been taken at Skydive Orange, Inc., by Kai Sherwood, Grayson Hoffman, Eric Babcock, John Elmo and Peter G.