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Skydive Virginia Tandem Skydiving Gift Certificates. MD Tandem and DC Skydiving gift certificates too!  Gift Certificate for Tandem Skydiving Baltimore MD, skydive Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC tandem skydiving gift certificates

Tandem Skydiving
To order a Tandem Skydiving Gift Certificate, Call (540) 943-6587 or  Email me and I can mail or email it right out. Skydive Gift Certificates are adjustable to a different type of skydive (AFF-Tandem), if they decide not to jump, transferable to a different person, though not refundable. They are good for two years, and inflation-proof if we raise prices. Most people give a Tandem first skydive gift certificate, $255* cash discounted if you send a check in advance, or $270* credit card, then I can either US mail the certificate (in an envelope that doesn't say anything about skydiving on it so the recipient won't see it if you request this), or I will email a MS word file so you can print it. Shopping around for a skydiving gift certificate? Please BE CAREFUL!

Tandem Sky Dive Landing in VA with first time tandem skydiver from Maryland. Jenny got her skydiving gift certificate for a JMU graduation gift from her dad in Northern Virginia, and her gramma came from Baltimore, MD to watch her jump. Her Grandmother decided to make her first skydive with us too the same day!       Virginia Tandem Skydiving with lurking skydiver. Someone with one of our skydive gift certificates making their first jump. Even grandmothers day skydiving is popular
Tandem Sky Dive Landing
                            Tandem Skydiving                

Call (540) 943-6587 with your credit card #, and I can send your gift certificate right out! Or we can add a nicely edited DVD video or Still Photos (at least 24 photos on a CD), or both Video & Still photos for the following prices:


Cash Plastic*
Tandem $255 $270
With Video or photos $355 $370
With Video & photos $380 $395
Complete Certification (price includes $100 prepay discount, and includes 12 free graduation jumps, parachute rental included!) $3,550 $3,730

- or mail a $255 check made out to 1ASC Inc.** to:

mailing address only***:                                                          
Skydive Orange Inc.
138 Hickory Hill Drive
Fishersville, VA 22939

To order a gift certificate, tell me:

Who it is for
Where I should send it
Who it is from
Your name  
Phone Number
email &/or US mail address 

Questions? Email me
I answer the phone at (540) 943-6587 24 hours most days, so if you want to order a gift certificate at some odd hour, give us a call! 

*Plastic meaning Visa, MasterCard, Amex. Our Skydiving Prices are NOT SUBJECT TO CHANGE for the gift certificate once it is paid for. They are good for two years, during which they are inflation proof! We never add on hidden charges for gear rental, no bait and switch with absurd extra charges for higher altitudes, or any of the other scams other skydiving places have to add to the price of skydives sold by outside gift card sellers after they take their cut off the regular price of the skydive.

**1ASC inc. is 1ST American Skydive Center Inc., the company which runs the Student training program at Skydive Orange. Rainbow Parachute Inc also sells skydiving gear.

***We Jump in Orange, Virginia, closest full service Skydiving to Northern Virginia/ Washington DC, Suburban Maryland - from a 22 jumper airplane, even! Please don't come to our Fishersville Virginia office address expecting to skydive. Directions The person who gets this gift certificate can contact me to schedule their skydive.

Like we mention in the first paragraph above, Gift certificates are good for two years, which is twice as long as most other skydiving places certificates.


Give someone the complete prepaid AFF skydiving certification package, which includes a total of 37 skydives (including 25 minutes of freefall time!) and a $100 prepaid discount! Mail a check for $3,550 or call (540) 943-6587 with a Visa MasterCard or Amex for $3,730. It is inflation proof! When prepaid, this includes the 25 required jumps and training for the A skydiving license certification, plus a whopping 12 additional jumps at no extra charge, parachute rental included! Click for the details on this prepaid skydiving certification program package.

 Information on first skydives-

Learn to Skydive

...for the reasons Sky dive Orange is the best place to jump, aside from our safe, reliable 22 jumper turbine aircraft...

Skydive- Virginia, DC- Tandem Skydiving Gift Certificates Maryland Sky Diving Valentines Day Skydive Saint Patricks day St. Patricks Fathers Day Mothers day Christmas skydiving Birthdays mothers day or buy a gift certificate to skydive fathers day skydiving
...see Why Skydive Orange?

Buy your best friend a Tandem Skydive Valentines day skydiving or a ST Patrick's Day Skydive Saint Patrick skydiving gift certificate. What to buy your husband for Christmas or your wife for her birthday? Skydiving gift certificates are great boss appreciation and employee appreciation gift ideas for when you are trying to get a good idea for what to buy your loved one for their graduation or birthday even if they have never jumped before or they are afraid of heights.
When you buy a first jump for a gift for someone, you get an actual gift certificate, not a gift card! Most gift cards charge what we feel is an utterly absurd maintenance fee 
Actually, you get a gift certificate from us, the trouble with a gift card like other places sell instead would be that they have charges and fees that eat away at the value, so buy one of our gift certificates instead so you don't have that.

tandem skydive md gift certificate recipient making her first tandem skydive. Maryland tandem skydives are fun!
Former Virginia Tech Skydiving Club members and past presidents John Elmore (now a highly accomplished freefall videographer) , Shane McGroarty, and renowned skydiving freefall videographer Bobby Page accompany Dinah on a tandem skydive over Orange, VA. These Richmond Virginia and NOVA skydivers are still skydiving most weekends.

Need to buy a last minute Exciting Adventure sports gift for someone in Virginia? A Graduation present for someone in Baltimore, Maryland, or a birthday gift for someone in DC? How about getting them an Exciting Outdoor adventure gift they can use in Northern Virginia? Or maybe you need to go buy a last minute birthday gift for someone in Maryland, or a last minute Christmas gift for someone in Washington, DC. Or maybe it is not to late to buy a Christmas gift for someone in Maryland or a birthday present for your mom or Dad, or for a son or daughter in VA; get them a skydive MD gift certificate for their first Tandem jump. If your son or daughter is in NOVA MD birthday gift or a Virginia birthday gift certificate buy it so they can make their birthday or graduation tandem skydive here in Virginia when they make their first skydive. Virginia Tandem Sky dive Christmas gift certificates are becoming popular presents for out customers in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC.

Baltimore skydiving enthusiasts, and skydivers from even farther away often drive down to spend the weekend skydiving with us. Home | Learn to Sky dive | Repeat Skydives | Sky Diving Gift Certificates | Skydive Orange Want List | Tandem parachute skydiving | Directions to where we skydive, Maryland Skydiving gift certificates - Skydive Maryland 

We do all our jumps in Orange County. Skydiving Gift Certificates are very a popular unique one of a kind gift for lots of special occasions. Thousands of people have bought their loved ones gift certificates for occasions such as a skydiving Christmas gift, exciting valentines gift, high altitude birthday gift...
Anyone with the need to make that once in a lifetime skydive that every grandfather and grandmother needs to do at least one time before they die - Skydiving is all about living life to the fullest.

Charlottesville, VA skydiving gift certificates and Herndon VA skydiving gift certificates and we are the closest skydiving place to buy MD skydiving gift certificates from many places in Maryland

Serving Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland Skydivers - USPA group member

Skydive Orange's Super Otter! Flies only at Skydive Orange, a Drop Zone In Orange, VA.
...see Why Skydive Orange? to see why you should purchase an EXTREME SPORTS ADVENTURE gift certificate for your friends.
Tandem skydiving near MD Skydive Orange Tandem video by Lambert - Paul Curreri

Maryland, Virginia and DC skydiving seekers come to Skydive Orange for its 22-jumper airplane to make a one-day tandem. Then, after they've made their first tandem skydive, Virginia skydiving first-timers, now in love with Skydive Orange, keep coming back for more, including advanced instruction in skydiving. Maryland skydive enthusiasts also make Skydive Orange their home drop zone for a host of good reasons. Want to learn more? Check out Washington DC skydiving's premiere drop zone's website, and decide for yourself.

Located a short drive from Washington, D.C., Skydive Orange is the biggest, closest skydiving certification center to Northern Virginia and D.C. We also serve all of Maryland and the rest of Virginia. Skydiving gift certificates are available. We jump from 13,500 feet (weather permitting), which provides a lot longer freefall than many other drop zone operations who exit at lower altitudes. We also offer some of the best aerial videography and photography in the U.S., capturing high-resolution video and pictures that many other drop zone venues can't provide by using their hand-held cameras that often only catch snippets of the side of the student's head. Why not check Washington DC skydiving's premiere drop zone's website and see for yourself? Buy a skydiving gift certificate for that certain someone!

Skydive Orange insists on using only state-of-the-art skydiving equipment and has the luxury of offering one of the largest and most comfortable jump planes in the Mid-Atlantic region. We recommend coming out to see why thousands of students, intermediate jumpers and experienced skydivers every year pick Skydive Orange as their drop zone over DZs for miles around.

Tandem Skydiving! The ultimate outdoor sports gift of all Central Virginia Outdoor Gift Ideas! Sure beats givin' a bift gasket fulla froot kake! A skydivin' stiff gifticket is much better. Anyone looking for Tandem skydiving in Maryland will want to check this out.

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